Banzai: Built for Distance Learning

Trying to educate remotely? can help.
If you’re attempting to connect to your students virtually while bracing for significant change in our economic climate, we’re here to help with Banzai. Banzai is built for remote learning and helps your students embrace financial literacy.
is sponsoring Banzai in your area, so teachers can use this resource for FREE.
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Interactive Library

Already played through the courses? There’s more to discover! The Library is packed with resources you can integrate into your lesson plans.

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Banzai courses are interactive and game-like, engaging your students while exposing them to real-life financial dilemmas.

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Workbooks are still available to order while schools are closed. Choose between three different booklets, and we’ll ship them directly to your home for free.

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Teaching Remote

While schools are closed, workbooks can be shipped directly to your home, allowing you to provide tangible learning materials to your students during this crisis.

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Banzai is working to provide educators with more content to share with their students remotely, plus strategies on how to implement Banzai into their distance learning plan.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • I don’t use Banzai right now, how can I sign up? Group 15 Copy 6 Created with Sketch.

    is already sponsoring Banzai in your area, so you have access to it for free. To use Banzai, all you have to do is sign up. Try it here.

  • How can I use the Banzai Library? Group 15 Copy 6 Created with Sketch.

    You and your students can access the Banzai library through the Banzai homepage in the student view once you’ve logged in or signed up. You can also access the library on this webpage through the navigation bar, by clicking this link, or by using the url

  • What are the Banzai Courses? Group 15 Copy 6 Created with Sketch.

    Banzai courses are interactive, game-like software that expose your students to real life financial dilemmas. You can choose between three courses—Junior, Teen, and Plus—to fit your students' age.

  • I can’t distribute workbooks right now—how can I access them? Group 15 Copy 6 Created with Sketch.

    All of the workbooks are available online through a downloadable pdf. You can download the booklet and send them to your students via email, messages, or other online platforms. You can download the pdfs now or access them through the Teacher Toolkit. Junior Workbook, Teen Workbook, Plus Workbook.

  • What is Banzai doing to help teachers? Group 15 Copy 6 Created with Sketch.

    Banzai is creating and releasing more student-focused content in the Banzai Library including articles, interactive software called “Coaches,” and calculators. We’re also sending newsletters with updates and ideas on how to use Banzai during this critical time. Finally, teacher support is still available during normal school hours at

  • What articles should I focus on? Group 15 Copy 6 Created with Sketch.

    The Banzai library is organized by topic, and your students can explore content from insurance to budgeting. The most popular articles for students include the following: Income and Expenses, Savings Accounts, 50/30/20 Rule, Budgeting, The Cost of College Life, and Filling Out the FAFSA.

Teach the Value of a dollar

Prepare your students for adult life with Banzai's interactive, personal finance curriculum.